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Embrace You: Body Image & Yoga Workshop, with Kristy Pisani

A one-hour Workshop dedicated to Body Image, Yoga and Mindfulness. In this relaxed and safe atmosphere, Kristy will start by sharing her lived experience with an eating disorder and distorted body image and how that led her to Yoga. She will break down what healthy body image is & why it matters, as well as some of the barriers that prevent us from accepting our bodies.  Then she will guide us through a short yoga/movement flow dedicated to body & self love.  We will end the workshop in a guided mindful meditation on positive body image & self-worth.  If you are looking to embark on a journey to self- love, compassion and acceptance, then this is the workshop.

Kristy Pisani has been teaching and studying yoga, diverse movement, and advocating for positive body image for over a decade. As an Ambassador for the Global Body Image Movement, she is passionate about helping people accept and feel good in their bodies through all stages of life using education, yoga/diverse movement and meditation. Her passion for yoga, movement, healthy body image is always growing and she cannot wait to practice with you!