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Kids Tent

The Kids Tent offers a variety of kids yoga classes, as well as art activities, and other fun activities such as face painting, hoola hooping and slack-lining. Kids are free, and it's a great way for families to spend some time together enjoying the benefits of yoga. 

Main Activities

9am - Colouring Mandalas & Welcome Family meditation

9:30-10 - Yoga Games with Gwen Phillips

10am-10:45 - Tot & Me Yoga with Sonja Martin

11am-11:45 - Yoga Movement & Song  (ages 6-10) with Julie Cullen

12pm-12:45 - Family fun Circuit with Jodie Mulder

1pm-1:45 - Yoga For Preschoolers (ages 3-6) with Linda LeBlanc

2pm-2:45 - Hooping with Sharleen

3pm-3:45 - Restorative Aroma Yoga for Teens with Kim MacLean and Gwen Phillips

Side-line Activities:

* Face Painting with Heather Feathers (12pm-2)

* Slack-line with Ty Wagner and Jill Arsenault (9am-1:00)

* Art Activities with Art Gallery of Peterborough

* Gratitude Tree