Vendor Requirements

Below are some requirements we ask of vendors to ensure a seamless day for all.

1. Please ensure you have a canopy/tent/protective covering for your space. Last year was very rainy and there was no shade to be found the previous year except under a canopy. We don’t mean for this to be burdensome but your health and safety is important to us! (Canadian Tire run a sale in the early spring of reasonable canopies for approximately $40).

2. We will create a VENDOR MAP to assist you in determining your place in the Yogic Market. You will be assigned a site number and this will be spray painted, in a very radiant colour, on your space with guidance lines for your tent. We will have a number of volunteers available that day to help direct you to your site.

3. Loading and unloading zones will be established as well as time windows for vendors to load and unload to facilitate the setting up of booths. Vendors wishing to unload outside of their specified time, set out in the schedule, may do so from the parking lot and then move their vehicles to street parking.

4. Vendors are expected to have their booth set up by 8 am.

5. To ease the challenges involved in breaking down your booth we ask that you do not begin to take down till the end of the festival at 7 p.m.. Like set up, we will have loading zones to facilitate this process.

6. All canopies must be weighted down. We recommend 20 lbs per leg. No spikes may be used but water-filled jugs, sandbags or cement blocks are all options. Last year, the occasional breeze off the lake resulted in a few flying canopies.

7. Please do not drive on the grass. Mother Nature and Del Crary are not fans of your tires! We will help by giving you great alternatives for loading and unloading.

8. There is no parking for vendors in the parking lot but street parking is available.

9. Please bring a good supply of water to last you the day! You will need to be properly hydrated to keep up with the crowd.

10. Each vendor is permitted one assistant at their booth. If more assistants are required to help, we ask that you pay an admission.

11. There is limited electricity available for food vendors. The allocation of electricity will be at the discretion of the PYF Vendor Committee.



Vendor Liability Agreement:

The premises consist of one tent located at 100 George St N , Del Crary Park in Peterborough, Ontario.

The term of this agreement shall be as follows:

This shall be a one day agreement for the date of June 23, 2018.

  1. The Vendor(s) shall be responsible for properly setting up and maintaining the tent in a state free from harmful tripping hazards, or other hazards which could be reasonably foreseen as a danger to the participants at the Peterborough Yoga Festival.
  2. The Vendor(s) acknowledge(s) that he/she/they is/are independently responsible for any losses incurred by participants of the Peterborough Yoga Festival that are a result of the Vendor’s products or negligence.
  3. The Peterborough Yoga Festival is not responsible for losses incurred by the Vendor(s) as a result of theft of their money, possessions or products, or destruction of property whether through act of God (for example, raining) or malicious behaviour.
  4. The Vendor(s) is/are to conduct himself/herself/themselves in a way that upholds the reputation of good character and professionalism that has been built by the Peterborough Yoga Festival.

Thank you for reading through the requirements and agreement. Next step, please fill out the vendor registration form to introduce yourself and your business.